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Priel Yahav, 34, has extensive experience in producing and directing Bar Mitzvahs. More than - 100 Bar Mitzvahs directed Friel in recent years, and is personally responsible for hundreds of satisfied clients and their families.

Priel has a teaching certificate and experience in training, and as a fluent English speaker - accustomed also guided by foreign groups.
Years of combined experience and a genuine love of people makes any event unforgettable guidance.

Priel's talent training, his love for children and uniqueness read the Bible and Torah scribe, brought him special field of producing Bar Mitzvahs, understanding the important details and much excitement surrounding the event.

Priel is a professional reader and scribe bar mitzvah teaches children Ashkenazi and Yemenite style.
Served in the artillery in yeshiva.

Certificates / Milestones:
- A professional reader
- Scribe by the court "Yoreh Deah, Bnei Brak
- Teaching Certificate
- Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the "Jerusalem College of Technology"