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Bar / Bat Mitzvah at the Western Wall

Event Bar / Bat Mitzvah at the Western Wall is sacred and unique. We are here to ensure that this special day will be organized perfectly so you enjoy an enchanting and unforgettable!!

Revelers gathering - the event starts collecting all the participants. We B"friel Productions "put to the bar mitzvah guests modern buses that will accompany us throughout the day as well as experienced drivers who work with us for many years. Conditioned buses equipped speakers and provide the perfect travel experience.

Festive breakfast - after collecting a fine stop for breakfast. Eat choose from two options: Homemade breakfast in nature or breakfast in one of the best restaurants in the Latrun area - all perfectly in your budget.

Professional photographers - your event us ordering still and video photographers professional photography experience behind them and they will document the events all the sweet moments.
Way to the Holy City - After dinner we will return to the buses and head on the holy city - Jerusalem.
Experienced guide will take guidance fascinating, unique puzzles with prizes and conduct activities for the guests during the trip, so that happy along the way!

Procession in the old city - when we get to the Old City will conduct a solemn procession bar mitzvah groom under the canopy. The parade can be started from the Dung Gate (a hiking trail about 20 minutes to half an hour) or Zion Gate (a hiking trail about 60 minutes). The procession is accompanied by a ceremony accepting the Kingdom of Heaven and Blessings Bar Mitzvah. Pile-drivers team of drummers and trumpets dressed in traditional costume will accompany us and sing songs and look forward until we reach the Western Wall plaza ceremonies. The procession includes: training of professional guide and plenty of surprises. If there are older guests or those who have difficulty walking, can be adapted for solutions dedicated mobility.

Reading the Torah at the Kotel - the Western Wall will conduct ceremony tallit and tefillin and Torah reading and focus on the birthday boy. During this special class Nitzok traditional content-rich and enjoying one of the most exciting moments in life. At the end of class Wall delicious and can make a toast to the bar mitzvah boy.
 Attractions - because we B"friel Productions "believe that this day would not be complete without another surprising experiences we invite you to enjoy a variety of wonderful attractions Jewish heritage sites such as the chain of generations, the Western Wall tunnels, elevator time, Davidson Center and more.

Lunch - we'll have lunch at a restaurant in Jerusalem pastoral and it will be adapted to your taste and budget. Available at the rich and varied menu to choose from.
On the basis of this program you can add a variety of surprises, tours and attractions such as released balloons, visiting holy places, restaurant and other musicians.