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Hi Priel,

I've been wanting to thank you so very much for hosting and touring us through your beautiful Jerusalem.Imagine, whenever we think of Jerusalem, YOU are inextricably linked to that memory! What a gift you have given us. When anyone asks Benjamin what his favorite part was in Israel, he immediately says, "Jerusalem." There's no question that it's because of YOUR enthusiasm and the generous spirit you showed us while we were there. We all feel that we surely saw Jerusalem in a magical way because of your knowledge, kindness, and generosity. Having your Aunt Sharona with us, too, made us feel that we really were family traveling around together. We certainly didn't have enough time in Israel. We never did manage to get that mezuzah we had hoped to get. More reason to visit again some day. And, if I ever manage to decide to have a Bat Mitzvah, maybe YOU could be the organizer!

We look forward to YOUR next visit to the states. You always have a place to stay with us. We hope all goes well with you and thanks again SO much for all you have given us.


Karen, Hal and Benjamin