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Bar Mitzvah celebration at the Kotel - an unforgettable experience of a lifetime!!
Bar Mitzvah is not only the most important event in the life of your child, it is a milestone for the entire family. This unique rite of passage connects people with tradition and joy with symbolism.
Bar Mitzvah planning does not have to be complicated. With "Priel Productions" you will enjoy a unique event without any worries. We will take care of the details and guarantee you a proper organization of your Bar Mitzvah, customized to your individual needs. You can fully concentrate on the celebration and enjoy an unforgettable spiritual experience.
Torah reading at the Western Wall
The Torah reading at the Western Wall is one of the most touching moments at a Bar Mitzvah. Accompany you hand in hand in a ceremony at the Torah reading with a canopy, drums, trumpets and dancing flavoured with a dose of happiness and love.

Script of the day
On this special day the bar mitzva boy, family and guests get to know the true promise of concerted script of the day: During the entire celebration you will be accompanied by one of our professional and fully dedicated guides the 'Hazan'. We take care of transportation, provide you with a wide range of the best fine dining restaurants in Jerusalem and connect you with professional photographers to ensure the record of all the happy moments.
Furthermore, you can add a variety of attractions to the bar mitzvah celebration such as visiting Jewish heritage sites and points of view: the chain of generations, the Western Wall tunnels, time elevator, Davidson Center and more.
About Us - Bar Mitzvah with "Priel Productions" 
We fully specialize in the organization of the Bar Mitzvah. Accompanying the event from start to finish we advise and support you to find the perfect fit for your needs, taste and budget. We are your partner to avoid stressful moments, taking care of negotiations with all parties involved in the event. With our knowledge and experience we know what stands behind the organization of a Bar Mitzvah celebration.
We offer you a rare combination of love for the detail, tradition and professionality to make sure your memories will remain for lifetime!